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Fluke Networks’ Gold Support is a comprehensive support and maintenance program that offers expanded coverage for Fluke Networks' products and accessories. It provides a premium level of support to minimize business downtime and ensure a high return on your investment

Buy Gold. Make your investment count.

Protect Your Investment and Minimize Business Downtime

with Gold Membership

Gold Membership is much more than just a repair warranty. It is a comprehensive maintenance and support program that offers expanded coverage for Fluke Networks’ products and accessories. It provides a premium level of support to minimize business downtime and ensure a high return on your investment.

3-Year Gold Membership provides a 10% discount off current Gold pricing along with 3-year price protection. On average customers can save up to 19% over 3-years by taking advantage of the 3-year Gold Membership option. Gold Membership is available for most Fluke Networks products in 1-year or 3-year (save 10% with 3-year) contracts.

Fluke Networks 3 Year Fluke Gold Membership
Fluke Networks Gold Membership - Table of Benefits

Gold Membership Privileges

Technical support

Unlimited 24/7 technical expertise with local language support. Gold members are provided with direct members-only priority

phone numbers to our world-class Technical Assistance Centres (TAC).


Unlimited, no-hassle, no-charge PRIORITY repair services including labour, parts and shipping.

Loaner unit

A loaner unit or replacement unit can be provided during repair, available the next business day for ZERO downtime.


Parts and accessories that shipped with your unit and have been qualified as defective or faulty by our technical assistance centre

will be replaced free of charge during the term of your Gold membership.


One annual precision calibration and factory refresh per annual contract period. In addition, all accessories are inspected and

replaced if faulty.


Valuable software and firmware upgrades for your unit during the year giving you the latest functionality, improving technical efficiency

and troubleshooting.

Discounts and Members-Only Promotions

Special discounts are offered to Gold customers on new products, enhancements and used demo equipment.

Easy Access to Gold Entitlements

Upon purchase, your company will receive a unique Gold Membership Number and PIN for secure access to your online Gold account.

Fluke Networks Testers Gold Support on DSX, CertiFiber Pro, OptiFiber Pro, FiberInspector Pro