1 GHz DSX2-5000 CableAnalyzer: Versiv Main & Remote + DSX Copper (2) Modules

DSX2 5000 CableAnalyzer™

  • 1 Versiv Mainframe & Remote

    (2) DSX2-5000 CableAnalyzer Modules

    Set of Cat 6A/Class EA Permanent Link Adaptors

    Set of Cat 6A/Class EA Channel Adaptors

    (2) Headsets

    (2) Hand Straps

    (2) Shoulder Straps

    Carry Case

    USB Interface Cable

    Versiv Open Source Software CD

    (2) AC Chargers

    (2) Universal Couplers

    (2) AxTalk Terminators

    WiFi adaptor

    Statement of Calibration and Getting Started Guide.